Professional Experience

Riparian Restoration Ecologist and Project Manager, Wetland Research Associates (WRA)

2010 – 2019

Field ecology courses in the Environmental Science Department, Masters of Science in Environmental Management graduate program, and Environmental Studies program at USF.

March 2008 – August 2010

Conducted riparian and wetland restoration project conceptual planning, watershed assessments, riparian vegetation and invasive plant species mapping, habitat management plans, wetland delineations, historical ecology study, and rare plant surveys. Developed protocols for delineation and characterization of riparian habitat in southern California relative to USACE, USFS (RCAs), CDFG, SWRCB, and RWQCB regulations. Worked with Southern California Coastal Water Research Project ( and regulatory agencies testing the California Rapid Assessment Method on evaluation of ephemeral stream condition at sites along the 120-mile Sunrise Powerlink Project through the Sonoran Desert and Mountains of San Diego County,

Riparian Restoration Ecologist and Project Manager, URS

March 2000 to February 2008

Conducted riparian restoration projects, including planning, permitting, design and construction management; invasive plant removal and control projects, primarily related to giant reed (Arundo donax); wetland delineations; and rare plant surveys.

Project Manager and Ecologist, Roy F. Weston, Inc.

October 1994 to July 1996

Managed and conducted wetland assessments, wetland delineations, ecological field studies, environmental soil and water sampling, environmental assessments, buffer strip protection studies, and technical writing in Georgia and California.

Project Ecologist, Law Environmental and Engineering Services, Inc.

July 1991 to October 1994
Conducted wetland/riparian restoration and monitoring; wetland assessments; wetland delineations; and technical writing. Southeastern US.

Biological Field Technician, Law Environmental and Engineering Services, Inc.

Summer 1989

Assisted in wetland assessments; wetland delineations; biological statistics; and fish surveys and identification. Georgia.