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In Search of Mai Hing Sam: Critically Endangered Cypress of Laos, 2015

National Geographic Conservation Expedition, Laos 2015

Swim for Sharks

Intrepid swimmers from Shark Stewards and the San Francisco Dolphin Club brave the Shark infested waters of Alcatraz, to learn that these are actually sharks inhabited, and sharks have more to fear from us. This documentary was accepting into and shown at the 11th annual San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival in 2014 (

Alice in Borneo’s Wonderland, Malaysian Borneo, July 2017

Helped mentor and conduct restoration with Alice Zhao, Shark Stewards intern in Malaysian Borneo. Join sixteen year old Alice as she explores Borneo’s oceans learning to scuba dive, searching for sharks and seeing threats from plastic pollution and overfishing. This is the first episode in Shark Steward’s conservation and science series produced by Scubazoo to inspire youth to save. Film premiered in the San Francisco International Film Festival in March 2018.

Eco Students Camp with Protected Species, Earth Day 2017

This spring, students in the USF’s Ecosystem Restoration Club traveled 90 minutes south of San Francisco to Big Basin State Park, to spend quality time with wild plants and some of the world’s oldest and tallest trees.

Lone Mountain Native Plant Preserve, Summer 2016

This is USF: Planting a Wildlife Corridor – Gretchen Coffman and her students cultivate the Lone Mountain Native Plant Preserve, a project to restore part of Lone Mountain to natural habitat.

Conservation of the Critically Endangered Yew Tree in Vietnam, December 2016

Documentary by journalist, Thanhhuyen Nguyen, working at VTV (Vietnamese Television). Won 3rd prize at The National Television Festival in December 2015. Documentary for TV on conservation of the Yew Tree (also known at the Chinese Swamp Cypress) in Vietnam. There are less than 200 left in Vietnam and they are threatened by extinction due to dams built downstream. Dr. Coffman was interviewed and included in this documentary for her work with the cypress in old growth populations in natural ecosystems in Laos.

USF Sustainability Film, Spring 2015

On Earth Day 2015 USF launched the Office of Sustainability, which will lead the effort on campus to integrate sustainability into USF’s day—to—day operations and support people throughout the USF community to champion green initiatives. Here is a video and web site, which includes my research on Critically Endangered Cypress in Laos.

Protecting Prey Nup Mangroves with the PNM Conservation Project, Summer 2013 and 2014

A small group of citizens are gathering together to protect old growth mangrove, and purchase impacted land for restoration surrounding the mangrove forest in the Prey Nup region of South Cambodia. Researchers from the University of San Francisco and Shark Stewards are helping to delineate and document the forest for increased protection.

Friendly Grey Whales of Baja, January 2014

A revisit to the whale lagoons of Ojo de Liebre with friendly whales 30 years later.

Humedales: Climate Change and SF Bay Wetlands

MSEM graduate students, Fernanda Lopez and Cody Wilson, present their research in a film called: The Influence of Climate Change on the Bay Area Coastal Wetlands for GIS 2 – Accelerated Intermediate GIS for Environmental Science, USF Geospatial Analysis Lab, Spring 2015.

Mapping Wetlands Using Remote Sensing in Annadel State Park, Sonoma County, CA

MSEM graduate students, Jen Podvin and Francis Horigan, present their research in a film called Mapping Wetlands Using Remote Sensing in Annadel State Park, Sonoma County, CA for GIS 3: Sonoma County Wetlands, Francis Hourigan and Jennifer Podvin, Fall 2015.