Restoring Mangrove Ecosystems in Coastal Cambodia

Nonprofit organization Prey Nup Mangrove Conservation Project has been purchasing and protecting old growth mangrove forests on the coast of Southern Cambodia for the past ten years. Recently, they have purchase impacted lands surrounding the old growth forest to restore.

Students and researchers from my Ecosystem Research Lab at the University of San Francisco, the Royal University of Phnom Pehn, and nonprofit are helping to assess and monitor impacts to these coastal wetlands, identify mangrove plant and animal species, design and restore mangrove forest ecosystems, and assist in outreach to local villagers.

Working closely with Prey Nup project partners in the past 2 years, we have documented over 30 mangrove plant species in the past two summers, helped develop educational plant guides, developed a restoration monitoring plan, and created this documentary video for educational outreach. We plan to teach a class in field botany at Prey Nup in Summer 2015.