TRE Week 1: Monitoring Instruction!

During tropical storms, rain scours the land and runoff carries sediments into the nearest sink – for Batu Puteh and the surrounding villages this is the Kinabatangan river. Overland flows deposit these sediments in depressional areas with lower elevation, sorted by turbidity, such as the floodplains bounding the river. Tropical hardwood forests have historically covered … Read more

Walking through the Sky

I had an off day yesterday with FRIM so my supervisor, Mr. Sadali, took me to the beautiful Taman Negara national park. It was a relatively short drive of about an hour from the forests we were working in in the state of Pahang, and one of the things that made this park so interesting … Read more

Bottom up Forest Ecology

Research in an unfamiliar environment is difficult. Add to that 80%+ humidity (a situation where nothing will ever dry), incompatible and unavailable materials, daily chaos, and unseasonably heavy rains and you’ve got a recipe for failure. In my supreme hubris I pressed forward undeterred by those factors beyond my control. The specifics of my heartbreaking … Read more

IF NOT PALM OIL, WHAT ELSE? The story of Sabah’s development

One day dedicated to learn about Palm Oil industry from the perspective of local people in Sabah, Malaysia. Why is this interesting? My interest in the palm oil industry started due to the current news in Colombia, my home country, (currently fourth producer of Palm oil worldwide after Indonesia and Malaysia) to increase its production … Read more