Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research

I attended the SCCUR Conference in Pomona, CA with 2 of my undergraduate students, Justin Bauer (right) and Steven Liberman (left), in November 2011 at Mt San Antinio College.  They presented their restoration ecology research on establishing native dune scrub plants to the USF Lone Mountain Campus. Justin’s talk was entitled: Native Plant Establishment: The Seaside … Read more

Redwood Creek Restoration


During this field trip, we learned about riparian ecosystems found along streams of coastal California by visiting Redwood Creek and sampling riparian vegetation along a restored reach of this stream.  Other field trip objectives were to practice using field equipment for vegetation sampling and to assist the GGNRA in monitoring restoration of a riparian ecosystem … Read more

Farallon Islands


We explored marine ecosystems by boat on this trip found just off the coast of San Francisco, in the Gulf of the Farallons National Marine Sanctuary.  The Environmental Science Department at USF organized a joint boat trip for the CA Ecosystems upper division undergraduate course and the MSEM Wildlife & Humans course. Approximately 30 students from … Read more

Tennesee Hollow Watershed

Our MSEM Restoration Ecology class hiked from Inspiration Point in the Presidio of San Francisco to Crissy Lagoon and Marsh today.  We checked out all the amazing ecological restoration projects that the Presidio Trust has been working on this year.  Check out the photos from our trip.  

Kayaking the San Francisco Bay Estuary


On this kayaking adventure, we explored salt marsh ecosystems and other aquatic ecosystems found around the San Francisco Bay estuary in Richardson Bay, Marin County.  We started at nearly low tide and viewed the eelgrass beds of the intertidal areas where the largest population of eelgrass is found in the Bay.  They have been severely … Read more

Sierra Nevada Alpine Ecosystems


On this weekend field trip, we explored several Alpine Ecosystems throughout the Sierra Nevada including: mixed conifer forests, montane chaparral, montane meadows, alpine lakes and rivers, montane riparian ecosystems, alpine bogs and marshes.  We hiked part of the Pacific Crest Trail along the crest of the Sierra Buttes from Packer Saddle at approximately 7,000 ft … Read more